How to get job in Kuwait? know 8 important things

How to get job in Kuwait: Friends, in the post today, how to get a job in Kuwait? What are the jobs available in Kuwait? How to get helper job in Kuwait? What is the salary of a helper in Kuwait and what is the job of a driver in Kuwait and a salary of a driver in Kuwait? What should I do to go to Kuwait? How to get Kuwait Visa? How much does it cost to go to Kuwait? All these have been told, to know in more detail, definitely read below…..

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Friends, Kuwait is a country that is one of the top 10 countries with a population of more than 3 million people. The capital of Kuwait has been made the city of Kuwait, which is known as Kuwait City. Kuwait is the Arabic word where the currency Kuwaiti Dinar runs, this 1 dinar is equal to ₹ 230 to ₹ 240 of Indian Rupee.

Very popular place to work and visit here There are many places like Kuwait Towers, Grand Mosque, Al Hamra Tower, Al Shaheed Park which will be very good to visit if you want to do job here then also job You can find very good here.

how to get job in Kuwait? (Kuwait me job Kaise paye)

kuwait jobs for foreigners: Friends, if you want to work abroad, then you know the language of your country, but it becomes very important to know the language of that country too, if you do not have knowledge of the language there, then you will work not be able.

Friends, along with your mother tongue, it is very important for you to know English, in most countries English is spoken along with their mother tongue, which will help you a lot in living there.

Friends, if you want to work in Kuwait, if you want to work abroad, then it is very important for you to have some degree of education, high school, intermediate or graduation, etc. If you have a degree, then you can do a job abroad.

Friends, if you want to work abroad, then you have to learn some work. If you do not get any work then it becomes very difficult for you to get work there, if you know about the work, then you can find work there very easily and you can do the job there.

If you want to get a good job then it is very important for you to have the experience certificate of that job, so your work is seen from the certificate, due to which you are given a lot of salaries.

Friends, after this you need a visa and passport to go abroad, read the complete information about how it is made below…

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how to get Kuwait visa?

kuwait jobs for indian freshers: Friends, if you want to take Kuwait visa, then it becomes very important for you to pay attention to some things. Visa is available here very rarely, if you want to take whether you take company visa, whether you take Son’s visa or Khadam’s visa or any kind of domestic visa you want to take, what is the process now?

You are given a visa in three ways, one is given offline visa and the other is also taken online. Offline visa is given to you by an agent and online visa you can apply for any visa by visiting any public service center. A third visa can be obtained by your relatives or by your friends or anyone who lives abroad.

offline visa: Friends, if you want to take a visa through an agent, then you have to give your passport, 2 photos, work experience certificate, Aadhar card, bank passbook, mobile number, medical report, etc. to the agent. He will also charge some of his money along with the visa, which you will have to pay, after which he will bring you the visa within 15 days to 1 month.

online visa: Friends, if you want to get a visa online, then you have to go to your nearest embassy office, for whichever country you want a visa, you will get a visa from there. The workers there will register you by visiting the Embassy’s official website, for registration, you will have to give all the documents to them, after giving all the documents, that registration will be registered. After a few days, you will be given an offer letter or visa from there, after which the process and visa charges will also have to be paid for the processes that are done online.

relative visa: Friends, you are not getting the visa and if any of your relatives, friends, or anyone, if he lives abroad, then you can talk to him and ask him to work there, then he can find the visa, which You will easily get a visa in less cost.

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how to get a passport?

Passport: Friends, to get a passport, you have to fulfill many facilities, it is very important for you to be educated too, your passport cannot be made without being educated. You can apply online to make a passport, you need a lot of documents to apply online and after applying it reaches your home through postal post after about 15 days to 1 month. To get it made, some passport charge has to be paid, you can apply for it by going to any public service center, and applying for it is done very easily.

A few days after applying for a passport, you have to get police verification done, after police verification, your passport is issued and after being issued within 15 days to 1-month Passport will be sent to you through the post office.

You have to provide documents to apply…

1- Aadhar card
2- two photos
3- 10+2 Marksheet
4- Medical certificate
5- Mobile number

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What jobs can be found in Kuwait? (Kuwait me job Kaise paye)

Friends, if we talk about jobs in Kuwait, there are many jobs available, it is very important for you to be aware of the work that is available there. Friends, Kuwait is a rich country, so the people here do not want to do small work, either they have their own business or they are posted somewhere in the government sector here and work thereby staying there.

Whatever is small work, people do not do this work like work in hotels, laborers, home construction work or car washing, house painting, food packing, agriculture work, etc. that work Can be found very easily and salary can also be good.

Friends, if you are more educated and you have experience certificate of any work, then you can get that work very easily and can also get a good salary like.

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1- Call Center
2- Journalist
3- Photographer
4- Photo modeling
5- Barber (Barber)
6- Tailoring (Tailor)
7- Audit
8- Office Assistant
9- Shop Manager Assistant
10- Agricultural laborers
11- Gardener (Florist)
12- sailor
13- Veterinarian
14- Auto Mechanical
15- Rajgir
16- Crane Operator
17- gas fitter
18- painter

19- driver

20- keeper(caretaker)

How to get helper job in Kuwait?

Kuwait jobs salary: Friends, if we talk about the salary of the helper in Kuwait, then the salary that is here is given to the helper who is above ₹ 300 Kuwait dinar. And his experience matters, how well he knows which work and for how many days the salary is increased accordingly.

Kuwait company salary: Friends, if you want to work in any company in Kuwait, then you can be given a good salary but it depends on your work. What work do you know, how much experience do you have in that work and according to what work you have got a visa, you that can be given a salary? If you work in the company then you can be given around ₹ 1200 to ₹ 1500 Kuwaiti Dinar.

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how to find driver job in Kuwait?

driver ki job: Friends, it is very easy to get a driver’s job in Kuwait, but for this, it is very important to know driving well because the driving that happens here is a big highway driving. For driving, you first need a license there, you cannot drive without a license and you cannot use your country’s license there, so you will have to get a license there.

driver salary: Friends, if we talk about the salary of the driver in Kuwait, then the salary given to the drivers here is given in the form of about ₹ 1200 to ₹ 1500 Kuwaiti Dinar. In which you are given 8 hours of duty, if you work more than 8 hours overtime, then you are given its money separately.

How much will it cost to go to Kuwait?

Friends, if you want to do a job in Kuwait or want to go to Kuwait, then you need a visa passport, whose fees people charge. Which person do you resort to going to Kuwait, how much fee does he charge, and where do you get the visa from?

If you take a visa through the online method then you have to pay some fewer fees. If you take a visa through an agent, then he charges a little more fee. So according to some contact sources, it may cost you from ₹1000 to ₹1200 US dollars to go to Kuwait.


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