What are the symptoms of pregnancy and what should be kept in mind during pregnancy

pregnancy symptoms in Hindi: What are the symptoms of pregnancy Have you had a physical relationship with someone, because of this, it may be that your pregnancy is common after having a physical relationship with someone. If your pregnancy is missed and it is not coming, then you do not have to worry, its first aid is available in the primary test market, you can check it by bringing a pregnancy kit from any medical store and check with its symptoms. You can find out if you are pregnant or not.

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Although there are many symptoms of pregnancy, the first symptom is considered to be the absence of a period, followed by Abdomen pain, nausea, vomiting, feeling weak, etc. Friends, by the way, a pregnancy kit is used to confirm pregnancy and it is also a much easier method, but if you pay a little attention, then the body itself tells whether you are pregnant or not.

what is pregnancy? What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

pregnancy symptoms in first month: What are the symptoms of pregnancy: Friends, we call the process of pregnancy, the process of reproduction, children are born from pregnancy, through pregnancy, women develop the fetus in the uterus in the womb, so that in 9 months it takes the form of a child. Pregnancy is caused by two people having sex.

Due to sexual intercourse between women and men, the sperm released from men enters through the vagina of women, after whose actions a fetus is formed, which takes the form of a child after 9 months. After taking the form of a child, that child is born by the woman This process is called pregnancy.

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In how many days do pregnancy symptoms appear

pregnancy symptoms after sex: What are the symptoms of pregnancy: For information, let us tell you that the symptoms of pregnancy of every woman are different, some women have similar goals, some women have some different symptoms, so I have divided these symptoms into two parts. One is the symptom that is seen in almost all women and the other is such a symptom which is seen in some women.

First of all let me tell you that the symptoms which I am going to tell you is not necessary that by looking at that symptom you can confirm that you are pregnant. If you have these symptoms, then you must get the pregnancy test done. First of all, let’s talk about the symptoms that are seen in every women, the first is blood sports, that is, bleeding, if you are pregnant, then you will have a little bit of D bleeding.

1- Morning sickness
2- feeling tired
3- Back pain or headache
4- frequent urination
5- Loss of appetite
6- Constipation gas
7- Vomiting
8- Mood change
9- Vaginal discharge

1- Be Bleeding: Sometimes what happens is that women have a little bleeding, then it is worth noting to women whether they are bleeding or not, some women are unable to pay attention, who do not know that they are bleeding because it bleeds a little. That is, if you are pregnant, then you will definitely have a little bleeding.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

2- morning sickness: The 9 months of pregnancy are divided into three parts; the first 3 months are called morning sickness. In the morning when you wake up and you will feel that you are vomiting and you will not feel good about anything.

3- loss of appetite: If you are pregnant then you do not feel hungry at all or you start feeling very hungry if the thing you like does not taste good and the thing you do not like starts feeling very good, this is because of the presence in the body Hormones changing.

4- miss period: A week after the missed period, you can check your pregnancy by bringing a pregnancy test kit from the market, which you can know whether you are pregnant or not. It is very natural not to have a period during pregnancy.

Now let’s talk about some such symptoms which are visible only in some women.

1- skin darkness: What happens to women in the early stages of pregnancy is that hormone changes occur, due to which their skin becomes very sensitive and dark black spots appear on their face and dark circles also appear under the eyes. And there is a lot of trouble with sunlight because in sunlight it seems that maybe the skin feels like burning.

2-Have a Headache: During pregnancy, your blood circulation increases so much that it works to deliver oxygen to your baby, this process keeps happening again and again during pregnancy, due to which your head becomes heavy or starts to hurt.

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what to eat during pregnancy? preganancy me kya khana chahiye

You are thinking about what you should eat during pregnancy and how much you should eat which can give full nutrition to the babies. That’s why we have made a food chart from morning till evening that what you should eat, which we are going to tell in detail below. Must read…..If you eat according to these rules, then your baby will not only be nourished but also develop in that baby.

Breakfast and lunch & dinner from 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM

1- First of all, let’s talk about the first bite in the morning, first of all, you should eat three to four almonds soaked in water, which helps in increasing the mental development of the baby.

2- To make the body cool and energetic throughout the day Mixing one spoonful of sugar candy powder in half a glass of water at night, 4 to 5 grains of fennel seeds, soaked in water can be eaten in the morning.

3- You can also drink coconut water in the morning which is cool and beneficial for the growth of the baby.

4- You can also eat a walnut along with a banana in the morning to increase the weight of the baby.

5- It is very important for you to drink milk, drinking milk strengthens the bones of the baby, and drinking milk increases the amount of calcium. Which makes the bones of the baby strong, you can also take milk with food, it contains abundant protein which is beneficial in the development of children. If you have a problem with gas in the stomach, then you can eat a banana in the morning with milk, so that you will not have the problem of gas in the stomach.

pregnancy me kya khaye

6- If pregnant women consume sprouted gram sprouts, then abundant protein is found in them. Which is more beneficial for the development of the baby, along with this, you can eat it by adding tomato, onion, capsicum, chili, coriander, and salt to make it even tastier.

7- You can eat Italy, which will be healthy and oil-free for you, along with this, you can also consume porridge mixed with vegetables, which will be healthy and protein-rich food for you.

8- During pregnancy, it is very important for you to consume fruit juice from time to time, which fulfills the deficiency of your minerals and vitamins. And you should take plenty of orange and pomegranate juices, which contain vitamin C and potassium, which are beneficial for your baby.

Magnesium is found in oranges and helps in controlling your high blood pressure and iron and folic acid are found in pomegranates Which removes the lack of blood in your body, that is why you should consume more pomegranate and orange juice.

9- During pregnancy, you must consume Paneer Paratha in breakfast, in which protein, calcium, and carbohydrates are found in abundance, which is beneficial for the physical development of the baby.

10- A pregnant woman should take regular meals every day, in which she can eat a bowl of pulses, a bowl of vegetables, a bowl of salad, two-three Rotis, a bowl of curd food, according to the need, she can also eat a little rice in the food. In lentils, they should consume only moong dal and tur dal, which helps in increasing the physical development of the baby.

11- During pregnancy, a pregnant woman should consume more green vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, green chilies, capsicum, spinach, paver, fenugreek, coriander, and green vegetables.

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what not to eat during pregnancy?

pregnancy me kya nahi khana chahiye? Some pregnant women do not know what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy…….

1- During pregnancy, you do not have to consume raw papaya at all, some women feel that papaya should not be eaten, so there is no such thing, you can definitely consume ripe papaya.

2- Pregnant women should not consume raw milk, although it is considered very good to drink milk during pregnancy, do not consume raw milk or unboiled milk, it can cause diseases like diarrhea or TV. Boil milk well before drinking it, then drink it.

3- During pregnancy, women should not eat pineapple at all for 3 months because a chemical called bromelain is found in it, due to which the chances of miscarriage increase.

4- During pregnancy, pregnant women should not consume fish at all because a harmful substance called vargari is found in it, it transmits it to the child after eating. Because of this the child’s heart, brain, and nervous system and kidney problems can be created, most of the fish that eat meat such as sharks, etc. have high amounts of vargary in them, so if possible, you should consume fish to a minimum.

5- Pregnant women should never consume smoking, it contains nicotine and carbon monoxide which creates problems in the supply of oxygen in the body.

6- After this, you have to consume ginger only once a day and if you consume coffee, then you have to drink coffee only once a day.

Which vegetable should not be eaten during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, we will tell you about some vegetables that you should not eat because these vegetables can cause harm to the children growing in the womb.

1- Pregnant women should not consume brinjal during pregnancy, if you consume this brinjal in excess, it can increase the chances of miscarriage.

2- You should not consume raw papaya at all, we eat raw papaya raw and also eat it as a vegetable. So you do not have to consume raw papaya at all if you can consume ripe papaya instead.

3- Cabbage should not be served, and if you want to consume bitter gourd, you can remove its seeds because the seeds contain an element called Umchari, which increases the chances of miscarriage.

4- Pregnant women should not consume ginger at all; ginger is such a beneficial thing, but it is harmful to pregnant women, whose excessive consumption increases the risk of miscarriage.

5- Pregnant women should not consume raw meat, raw eggs, and caloric-rich foods so that they can give birth to a healthy baby.

6- A pregnant woman should not consume jackfruit vegetable at all during pregnancy because it is so hard that the liver needs to work harder to digest, due to which has a greater effect on the baby and damage the child.

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Tightness of stomach and pain in pregnancy

pregnancy me pet dard: It is very common to have abdominal pain during pregnancy, but sometimes the pain starts getting so much that it becomes very important for you to go to the doctor and get it checked. Sometimes such pain is very harmful to the mother the baby and the baby. Most pregnant women have more abdominal pain due to gas problems, this pain can be in one place in the abdomen or it can also happen from one place to another.

At the time of pregnancy, women do not digest food on time, which remains in the stomach for a long time, due to which the problem of gas increases, due to which the stomach aches continuously.

Sometimes the pain during pregnancy is also due to the way that the size of the uterus keeps on increasing due to the way the baby keeps on growing slowly, due to which the pain due to stress keeps on increasing.

stomach pain remedy during pregnancy: To avoid stomach pain at the time of pregnancy, you should eat little food in a day, you should drink more and more water, and always walk and exercise, mostly use that food, which the possibility of a gas problem is very less.

how to sit during pregnancy

What are the symptoms of pregnancy: During pregnancy, pregnant women need to take the most care so that the baby can remain healthy, so it is important to take full care of yourself. You should avoid heavy and heavy work during pregnancy, be careful from running and jumping, climbing or descending stairs, and lifting heavy loads, you should always avoid all these things so that there is no harm to the baby and the baby is always healthy.

Conclusion: Today’s post-pregnancy symptoms in Hindi have been told about pregnancy symptoms, what should you eat during pregnancy? What should you do during pregnancy? What causes abdominal pain in pregnancy? Which vegetables should be eaten during pregnancy? The information about all these things is well told, if you want to know anything more, then you can definitely ask by writing in the comment box below, if you like this post, then definitely give your opinion in the comment box.


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